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We’re in a battle for the hearts of men! As pastors, we see it and we want to do something about it. There has never been a time when the need was greater or the call was clearer.

The Global Summit for Christlike Manhood, Lions Roar 2016, is where it all comes together for you and your men. We have the passion, here’s the pattern. Learn from world class leaders of great wisdom and capacity. This works!

We have prepared four powerful sermons specifically for men that you can use, entitled "Four Sermons Every Man Needs to Hear!"

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Christian Men's Network is here to help YOU be the success God intends you to be. Success is the result of constancy of purpose. The Global Summit for Christlike Manhood, Lions Roar 2016, is where we sharpen our lives as father, husbands, professionals and brothers.

When you join us, we’ll meet with you in-person, face-to-face, and in some great strategy sessions. This is where strong men are built, and this is where you need to be — with your brothers.

If you're the type of man who stands up for what you believe, we have prepared a special article, "7 Attributes of Highly Successful Men."

we need this to send you the download link

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About Christian Men’s Network

CMN was cofounded by Maximized Manhood author Edwin Louis Cole in 1977, along with his son Paul Louis Cole. CMN books, curriculum and videos are the most widely used Christian men’s resources in the world. Pastors, churches, business leaders, government officials, school administrators, and prison chaplains find CMN materials remarkably effective in any culture or community.

LION’S ROAR is a comprehensive gathering of men, ministers and men’s ministries under the global umbrella of Christian Men’s Network, led by Paul Louis Cole along with a global team of pastors and business leaders; with the single purpose of raising a standard for manhood globally, and that standard is Christlikeness. Breakout sessions for business, leadership and pastors tighten up the push for a more powerful and compelling life. The theme for the Lions Roar Global Men’s Summit is “Mission!” Meetings will be held at Gateway Church/Grand Prairie, Dallas, Texas on Wednesday-Friday, November 9-11. Information can be obtained at ‪817-437-4888‬ or

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